what I noticed when someone first approaches me for healing…..!

In my daily practise I noticed recently  when I see people the first time   many of my  clients where given a very complex diagnosis like MS or Polymyalgia by the conventional medicine.  It becomes  clearer to me that  indeed  more people do show a  variety  of specific symtoms…. .yet when asked what test results there are to substantiate  those given diagnosis……more often than not a specific investigation was not  under way or in  a far distance…

So I noticed during our first long and in depth introductory talk  that many of my new clients where very concerned and often  frightened about a disease and its future outlook  long before  those  life changing illnesses truly got ruled out or confirmed.

Fear and anxiety as a result of the unknown ….worrying can soon result in  energy depletion and sleeplessness….unnecessarily in my view !!!

As practitioner we should ALL follow simple guidelines – maybe better known as bedside manner- be compassionate and treat each individual you do come across with respect and love you would care for if one would be of your own family…. or indeed how you would like to be treated yourself!!!


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