” I first started seeing Beate 3 years ago. I was referred to her by a friend who has similar interest in healing. When Beate suggested the idea of distant healing I was dubious! It was way out of my comfort zone and considerable beyond my experience!

In time I’ve known her though, her healing has taught me not to hang onto my preconceptions and I was prepared to give it a go.

At a pre-arranged time I make myself comfortable laying down. I can feel when Beate has started a treatment session, because my feet start tingling and become warmer . I usually go to sleep before she has finished the treatment, but always wake up soon after she has finished.

I always feel more mobile and in less pain when she has finished and it is a very useful second tear of treatment, which means I don’t have to travel to face to face consultations with Beate quiet so often.”

Philip Smith, Sidmouth


Distant healing…..new to me:-))